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23 OCT 2018 | 1 comments

Nava thirupathi and Vana thirupathi special offers going on.

10 Nov 2015 | 2 comments

Tamilnadu climate is very good and raniy.

08 Nov 2015 | 5 comments
kodai and ooty Climate also good .

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Tiruchendur murugan temple
Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Muruga and one of the Arupadaiveedu (six major abodes) of Lord Muruga. It is located in the small town of Thiruchendur in the district of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India. It is 56 km south-east of Tirunelveli, 41 km from Tuticorin and 90 km north-east of Kanyakumari.This temple is the fourth hindu temple in Tamil nadu to get ISO certification .The Kumbabisheka for this temple was held recently on july 2009 , After this many new schemes was implemented in this temple.Each of the six major abodes of Lord Muraga has an event mentioned in the puranas (major religious texts). Thiruchendur is said to be second in importance among his six abodes. This place is also referred to by other names in religious poems and literature as Thirucheeralaivai, Thiruchenthil, and Thiruchenthiyoor. The deity is worshipped by various names such as Senthilandavan, Senthilkumar, and so on. The six Arupadiveedus are: Palani (120 km west of Madurai), Swamimalai (150 km east of Madurai), Thiruthani (50 km from Chennai), Pazhamudircholai (10 km north of Madurai) and Thiruparamkunram (10 km south of Madurai). The temple is situated so close to the sea that waves from the Gulf of Mannar lap at the eastern perimeter wall of the temple. The temple has devotees across the world including Singapore,Malaysia,America,Canada,London etc.This temple plays a significant role in the faith of world tamils. Thiruchendur is the place where Lord Muruga used as the base camp, before invading the demon king of Suran in Sri Lanka.Near the temple is also a holy place for the Ayyavazhi sect, where Ayya Vaikundar is said to have performed his Avatar according to Akilattirattu Ammanai, the holy book of Ayyavazhi.
Major deities
Sri Subramanya (Main god-moolavar) Sri shanmuga (Primary substitute-Urtchavar) Panchalingam (Worshipped by Lord Subramanya) Jayanthinathar (Who killed demon surapadma) Kumaravidanga peruman (Who is going to archery) Sri Valliamman (Companion of Muruga) Sri Devasena (Companion of Muruga) Sri Dakshina moorthy (God of knowledge) Sri Mahalingeswarar (Equivalent to thousand lingas) Sri Venkateshwara (Uncle of lord Muruga) Sri Vallabhai vinayaga (Brother of lord Muruga) Sri Satru Samhara Moorthy ( who destroys our enemies) Sri sandikeswara (Protector of temple wealth) Sri saneeswara Sri bairava Sri Nataraja (Dancing pose of Lord Shiva) source [3]


Kutralam Falls
Kutralam Falls is a group of waterfalls in southern India.The falls are located 130 kilometers from Tirchendur. Kutralam has nine waterfalls; Peraruvi (Main Falls), Chitra Aruvi, Shenbaghadevi Falls, Then Aruvi (Honey Falls), Aintharuvi (Five Falls), Puli Aruvi (Tiger Falls), Pazhaya Courtrallam (Old Falls), Puthu Aruvi (New Falls), Pazhathotta Aruvi (Fruit Garden Falls). Kutralam has the nickname the Spa of the South India.Kutralam is touted as a health resort. The waters of the falls are believed to havemedicinal properties as they run through forests of herbs before their descent. Tourists who visit and bathe in the waters claim that the water has a soothing effect, help the old feel young and the sick heal rapidly. The peak season for visitors is June-September. Numerous rivers such as the Chittar River, the Manimuthar River, the Pachaiyar River and the Tambaraparani River originate here.


Nellaiappar Temple
One of the famous temples in Tamil Nadu steeped in tradition and history and also known for its musical pillars and other brilliant sculptural splendours, this is one of the largest temples in South India.[1] This temple houses a shrine to Shiva and Parvati dating back in time. Shiva is said to have been worshipped by Agastya in a bamboo grove and by Rama after having killed Mareecha some nine miles away at Manoor. There is also a shrine to Vishnu near the sanctum, signifying the belief that Nellai Govindan (Vishnu) visited Tirunelveli to officiate the divine marriage of Shiva and Kantimathi. There are several other legends associated with this temple.


Kulasekarapattinam Mutthramman temple
Kulasekarapattinam is located on Thiruchendur - Kanniyakumari National Highway (Thiruchendur Taluk). Just thirteen kilometers south from Thiruchendur, which is one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga. Halls For Worship:Artha Mandapam,Maha Mandapam,Munpani Mandapam,Kodimara Mandapam.


Manapad is a coastal village in India, 21 km south of Tiruchendur, and one of the first places to be visited by St. Francis Xavier in 1542 when he initiated missionary activity on the Fishery coast. Francis Xavier is said to have lived and prayed in a cavern on the seaward face of a cliff. Holy Cross Church close to the sea was built in the year 1581. This church has what is believed to be a fragment of the True Cross of Jerusalem. Thousands congregate during the festival season from 1 to 14 September every year when the cross is publicly displayed.


In ancient Tamil history, the people were called Bharathar's of the Neithal (ocean) land. Uvari historical name was Obeer Pattanam which was ruled by Pandiyan dynasty before they been converted by Portuguese. (example: for the same reason fish sympol kept on Pandyan Kingdom flag.40 Kms From Tirchendur. Uvari has a aboriginal Siva temple, which is called as Suyambulingaswamy temple. The Lord is in the ‘Linga form’. He bears the moon and the sun on his head. A five headed snake idol is found behind the Linga idol spreading its hood, which appears like an umbrella for the Lord. The devotees first take bath in the sae and take bath in the fresh water pond and worship ‘Lord Kanni Vinayaga’. Then they worship Sri Suyambulinga, Goddess Brhama Sakthi Amman, Goddess Essaki Amman, Lord Munnodi and Lord Sastha. Lord Brhama Sakthi Amman is a very power ful goddess. She is known for her kindness. Once, the hand of the idol broke off. The trustree replaced it with a new idol and put the old idol in to the sea. The very day the goddess appeared in his dream and questioned him whether he would throw one of his child in to the sea if it was born lame? The trustee realized his mistake and he also found the old idol washed ashore and re-constructed it and offered pooja.


Sri Venkateswara temple, Vanatirupathi, Punnai nagar/Punniyankudi
This beautiful temple is built by the owner of the famous hotel chain Saravana bhavan in their native place. The temple is getting popular among tourists going to Tiruchendur temple and the nearby Vaishnava Nava tirupathi temples. The temple is very neatly maintained with sannadhis of many popular deities and beautiful paintings of religious importance on the walls. There are two entrances -one of Srinivasar and another of Adinarayana perumal. The Lord looks stunning and one can have peaceful darshan without much crowd.20Kms From Tirchendur
Specialty of the temple:The Lord has lot of resemblance to Srinivasar of Tirumala and one can have peaceful darshan as long as one feels.The ladoo prasadam given free to everyone also would remind one of Tirupati ladoo prasadam.
Sannadhis: Srinivasar,Raja Ganapathi,Anjaneya,Chakratalwar / Narasimhar,Padmavathi thayar,Andal,Vadapalani andavar,Rajagopala swami,Dakshina moorthy,Guruvayoorappan,Brahma Vishnu durgai,Tirutani murugan,Garudan,Adinarayana,Several village dieties
Temple timings:The temple is open from 6 am to 8 pm - no closure in between.


Nava Tiruppathy
Nava Thirupathis come under Pandiya naatu divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas. Each of the nine temples represent one of the nine grahas of navagrahas- namely Sooryan, Chandran, Rahu, Ketu, Guru, Shukran, Shani, Mangalan, Sowmyan. Although the number of temples are nine, it constitutes only eight divyadesams with two temples called Irratai tirupathi combinedly considered as just one divyadesam. Some of these temples are really big and takes time to pray at all sannadhis and come around the prakaram admiring the beautiful sculptures and architecture. The timings of the temple are also quite varied. However one can easily cover all the nine temples in half a day's trip. Three of the temples are on one side of the Thamirabharani river and six of them on another side

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